Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Venerated Praefectus Castorum Varus d’Aurelia Venerable dreadnought, The workings on

so, this is my venerable dreadnought. he's magnetized. I think I did it well. 

I've already painted this model, but I've decided I'll give you the idea of my painting these up, so it looks like I started from the begining. 

Next, Painted Ven. dreadnought, Captain and Command. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Eagle of the ninth - Chaplain Titus Vaerra Flavius

The Eagle of the ninth
(4/10/2012) Ah, Vaerra. The Eagle, the model that started a blog. The piece of fiddle that makes guardsmen piddle. I've come along way since him (I think) but he's still a great model on the field.

He was the first really decent example of my kind of powerswords, with the electric blues shooting out of the swords. He also spawned himself two rulesets since then and a second model, with a better model with bigger wings.

Inspecting the gun
(4/10/12) You might notice that the gun is a plasma pistol. While now I'm less likely to take plasma, when I made these models I really liked the way plasma worked. It took me a long time to realise that in reality
The wing pattern. 
(4/10/12)I believe I based the wings off a hawk or a kind of vulture. I can't remember, honestly.

So, here is chaplain Vaerra. He forms the title of the blog, and is literally the eagle of the ninth
Basically, he's a Sanguinary guard with wings. The wings are from a broken pegasus knight. 

The backpack is just a SM one with the jet things on the sides cut off and G/S. 

Total cost of the model:
I'd estimate it at around 12$, he forms 130 points of my army.