Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Trygon Prime, Modifications and all ready to go.

Trygon prime. Extreme highlighting on the mandibles. 

This is the almost finished product of the trygon shown here.

So far, I've only done the bits for the prime, but the basic Trygon and the Mawloc are coming. 

This is what I've done since then. 
So, I've basically done the right flank of the model now. On the left, you'll notice that the model's left flank is very closed in - almost like he's shielding his body from some attack.

On this side, the arms are positioned to make it seem like he is striking out at an opponent.

The closed in left flank.

He's still kickin'!

This is the main feature of the arms - a fully painted and fighting to the death space marine. The model forms a nice focal point, providing a grey that would not fit on the trygon himself. 

In addition, the spot colours of gold help to make the little man more noticeable, hopefully so that people will realise the immense size a trygon would have if standing bolt upright. 

Notice the smallest arm here - what could he be doing there? 
This part is probably the most subtle, but it is definantly my favourite. 

The trygon has this smallest arm facing into his body. While this seems like a small nothing to the normal player, for me and the user, it has the effect of representing the way that these trygons deal with my thunder-hammer terminators. 

All in all, I've enjoyed this project. It's a tad belated, and my friend has had to go without for a long while - something he hasn't been very happy about!

I'm not gonna be able to work on it for a few days, He's picking it up to use in a doubles tournament - I think - in which time I plan on starting some bikes.  

The power of Scout marines: Sniper rifles

So, what good are scout marine sniper rifles?

Well, for one thing, they're hitting on a 4+. which sucks right? 

doesn't it? 

Well, they're wounding on a 4+ all the time. does that suck? T10 usually takes S10 to do that. Am I really Going to waste a vindicator shot on a theoretical T10 model? 

But, that's a big 'if he has it' 

so, what makes the Scout marine so good? He certainly doesn't seem all that great. he has a low chance of wounding, doesn't he? 

No, he doesn't.

Look at the characteristics of a Scout with a sniper rifle: 
- BS3
- Wounds on a 4+ 
- Rending
- Pinning

So, sure: I am hitting on a 4+.
I am also wounding on a 4+. 

What's the likelihood that I'm going to wound with that? 

Don't believe me? do the maths for yourself - that's against a T10 model or a T1. it doesn't matter. 
3*3 = 9
6*6= 36
9/36 = 1/4 d

So, sure. What does this mean?

1 in four will wound. 


So, in a squad of 10 models, sitting holding an objective, that's 2 theoretical wounds, and it only takes one wound to cause a pinning test. 

In the end, spacemarine scouts with sniper rifles aren't great. I'm wrong. But they sure as hell are annoying. 

Consider them in an assaulty list, they'll be a target in objective based games and an annoyance in killpoint based games. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Trygon - modifications and all. 45% complete.

A while ago, I bought a friend a Trygon on the basis that I'd be able to paint it for him. Being a swarm player, he readily accepted. 

Sir Claudius is well and truly ravenermeat. 
At first, I only had the machination to paint the damned thing, but I was distracted by that ever shiny object - modification.

First, I added a hole. 
Truly, the hole is far too small for a Trygon, but I had the intention of making it seem like deep striking creatures were to come through the small hole created by his arrival.

The hole with paint in it

The Little ligatures are built up from Orkhide shade to Snot green and then Scorpion green.
The Blue is Necron Abyss, Regal blue, Enchanted blue and then Ice blue. 

The Trygon lurching forward
This is how I wanted the Trygon to look. The whole 'arms spread and standing almost bolt upright' look is like screaming "I'M HERE! HIT ME!" I gave him something that looks slightly more menacing to alter this silly appearance.

the shades on the tail bit are done with oil paints, It is slightly more viscous than acrylic paint, and  was easier to force into the crevices of the model. 

The magnetized head itself. Probably should've mentioned this in the beginning. Whatever. 

With trygon Prime bits, this guy has three of them. I still win sometimes, go figure.  
So, all three parts are magnetized: it can be a mawloc, a Trygon Prime or a Trygon basic. I personally like the Mawloc body, but I think the prime is the best for game purposes.

So, that's the Trygon, my latest works.

C&C if you will.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Predator Eagle conversion.

 Just a whirlwind bit that's been modified to fit into the Predator chassis. Unfortunately, the weapons are only forward facing, making rules developement a tad difficult.

 Magnetized weapons, so it still acts as a normal predator!
 Expected vulture missile salvo placement

A link to experimental rules