Thursday, 24 November 2011

Trygon - modifications and all. 45% complete.

A while ago, I bought a friend a Trygon on the basis that I'd be able to paint it for him. Being a swarm player, he readily accepted. 

Sir Claudius is well and truly ravenermeat. 
At first, I only had the machination to paint the damned thing, but I was distracted by that ever shiny object - modification.

First, I added a hole. 
Truly, the hole is far too small for a Trygon, but I had the intention of making it seem like deep striking creatures were to come through the small hole created by his arrival.

The hole with paint in it

The Little ligatures are built up from Orkhide shade to Snot green and then Scorpion green.
The Blue is Necron Abyss, Regal blue, Enchanted blue and then Ice blue. 

The Trygon lurching forward
This is how I wanted the Trygon to look. The whole 'arms spread and standing almost bolt upright' look is like screaming "I'M HERE! HIT ME!" I gave him something that looks slightly more menacing to alter this silly appearance.

the shades on the tail bit are done with oil paints, It is slightly more viscous than acrylic paint, and  was easier to force into the crevices of the model. 

The magnetized head itself. Probably should've mentioned this in the beginning. Whatever. 

With trygon Prime bits, this guy has three of them. I still win sometimes, go figure.  
So, all three parts are magnetized: it can be a mawloc, a Trygon Prime or a Trygon basic. I personally like the Mawloc body, but I think the prime is the best for game purposes.

So, that's the Trygon, my latest works.

C&C if you will.