Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My first true attempt at highlighting.

Now, don't get me wrong, I use techniques when I paint

it's just, edge highlightings never been one of them.

So, usually I get marked down on paint scores because of this little fact.

So, I've said, oh, screw it, and I've gone and painted up a new terminator, with highlights.

Without further adeiu,

I appologise for having such poor lighting, I have made a white box, which was promptly thrown out by my parents.

fun times, huh?

Friday, 8 July 2011

how to: make your own weathering powders for two dollars

hey guys, I've recently bought IA: Model Masterclass Vol. 1, and I must say, it is amazing. definitely worth the 57$ investment.

Rather than running out and buying this and wait weeks for it, I  decided I'd be clever, and make my own

So, I've decided to make my own weathering powders.


on with the show:

Step one: Materials
You'll need:
An exacto knife [or any sharp knife, I suppose]
A hammer
A small tub
An artists' chalk
A piece of paper towel

I assume you'll need to buy a little tub for 50c and I did buy my pastel for 1.50$.

Step 2: cut

Cut off a sizeable chunk of your pastel or chalk, and put it in your tub. 
If it takes up more than 60% of the space in your tub, it may overflow. Be warned. 

Step 3: wrap
Wrap the clod of paper up in the middle of the paper, so that it is squarely in the middle. wrap both the sides into the centre. 

Step 4: remove chunks
As it says, remove all the little chunks that will be there. use the ball or point of your hammer to do this, or even just your knife. 

Step 5: collect

And, now you have your very own weathering powder!