Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A lull before the storms


hi guys, I haven't been able to post for a long while. I do have a lot of hobby stuff to do; yet with school and 7th ed coming out, I haven't really been able to think tactically about 40k for a while now.
I've a short lull before my one final, and then I have about a month off - the more time to spam this page with thoughts, right? 

Anyway, I just felt I should leave a line so people know what's up - here's what's coming up over the next few weeks. 

The future 

Looking forward, you should be seeing a return to regular posts. I hope to cover a number of topics, but I will intend to take a look at how all my active lists have changed from sixth to seventh, with a special focus on the farsight bomb - who arguably took the biggest nerfs while being able to come back kicking. 

Tactics posts are shaping up to be thus, starting at the latest the week of the 23rd. 

- 7th edition and me. 
- General thoughts on seventh for my area meta. 
- The Psychic Phase and daemonology
- The Farsight Bomb in 7th.
- My Daemon Rush in 7th.
- My guard list and 7th.

Painting should focus on my up and coming escallation league army - an 1850 point guard list which focuses on everything getting stealth or stealth equivalent - +1 to cover saves, My shorthand list is this:

1 Vanquisher
2 Exterminators


3 Vets squads

4 Chimeras


5 Sentinels

Outgoing, and apologies

that's all I really have time for today. I havebig plans for the future, and I hope you can be a part of this progress. 

Feel free to drop a line with any questions you have about 7th edition, from a tactics, rules or personal opinion perspective - while I don't have much time for posts, I have enough time to answer any questions I'm asked!