Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The power of Scout marines: Sniper rifles

So, what good are scout marine sniper rifles?

Well, for one thing, they're hitting on a 4+. which sucks right? 

doesn't it? 

Well, they're wounding on a 4+ all the time. does that suck? T10 usually takes S10 to do that. Am I really Going to waste a vindicator shot on a theoretical T10 model? 

But, that's a big 'if he has it' 

so, what makes the Scout marine so good? He certainly doesn't seem all that great. he has a low chance of wounding, doesn't he? 

No, he doesn't.

Look at the characteristics of a Scout with a sniper rifle: 
- BS3
- Wounds on a 4+ 
- Rending
- Pinning

So, sure: I am hitting on a 4+.
I am also wounding on a 4+. 

What's the likelihood that I'm going to wound with that? 

Don't believe me? do the maths for yourself - that's against a T10 model or a T1. it doesn't matter. 
3*3 = 9
6*6= 36
9/36 = 1/4 d

So, sure. What does this mean?

1 in four will wound. 


So, in a squad of 10 models, sitting holding an objective, that's 2 theoretical wounds, and it only takes one wound to cause a pinning test. 

In the end, spacemarine scouts with sniper rifles aren't great. I'm wrong. But they sure as hell are annoying. 

Consider them in an assaulty list, they'll be a target in objective based games and an annoyance in killpoint based games.