Monday, 9 January 2012

Update 9/1: Superdetailed Wreck Rhino

This is the first time I've ever painted a Rhino's interior. 
 So, on the Twenty-second of last month, I left you with an image of a half-painted rhino, which had obviously seen some heavy punishment. This is an update on that tale.

The wreck so far
The wrecks of Rhino's are found on all battlefields where the imperium can be found. Yet there is no model for a wrecked rhino, there is noone producing wrecks as models. I thought I'd pretend to be original, and make a wrecked Rhino of my own.

This will be a game piece, but it will also be part of a diorama, depicting Space marines of a tactical squad running out of the vehicle,
smoke billowing from the top hatches as they leave.

As you can see here, I have since painted the top and the front of the vehicle. You can [barely albeit] see the damage and penetration marks alongthe front, and there are golden parts in the front and right side of the tank - bullet holes.

There will be another follow up sometime, but I am putting this project to the side for a while, so I can focus on my new Space marine Biker's army.

An aerial I added myself. Just a piece of brass and a scope, but the effect is pleasing. you can see my bikes in the background here. 

Some of the fallen Space marines, From your perspective, Left to right:
Injured soldier, supplying missile launcher
marine firing pistol past side of rhino
marine reloading bolter. The clip has a small piece of brass on the tip to make it look like it is full.
A missile launcher marine, the last missile only just having been shot [it's on a flying stand, jetting out of the missile launcher]
Wounded marine clawing at the ground. 
This is the sergeant. He is the expample of the paintjob I was going for with these guys. He is injecting a stimulant into  his leg, presumably through a chink in his knee's armour for that very purpose.