Friday, 31 May 2013

Comission work: Eldrad


With the release of Eldar right around the corner, I thought I might post the photos of the Eldrad I painted for a friend. You'll notice he isn't painted quite like the traditional eldrad, I decided Blue with Red and bone spot colours would look best given his (in)fame(y) as a particularly potent psyker. Note I don't know much about eldar, outside of the little I've read on Lexicanum. I don't know if this is a tragedy or not! 

I'll also note that today, the 31st of May, I've beaten my cap for "Most page views in a month", by about four. This Impressive feat (for a blog of a few thousand views) has garnered me just over 730 views (my original being 726). With that, I'm happy to announce that I'll be redesigning how I format my posts, hopefully with the intention of making them more readable for the viewers. 

If I have sufficient time, I will also do this for previous blog entries, so that I can make them too easier to read. 

The Model: 

Eldrad is one of those models that seems complex to paint. The fact is that he's packed with small details and a fine coat of wraithbone armour, which actually makes painting him little more than controlled fine brushwork and colour choices. I couldn't quite figure out whether or not to use washes on the armour, in the end I decided to use a blue glaze of the basecoat colour - kantor blue - to give the impression that beneath the wraithbone, Eldrad wears the same cloth he has over the rest of his body. 

I used red for the gems as well as to make the loins of the cloak stand out a bit more - I really appreciated the way the gems kinda popped out of the armour and helmet when I was done. 

The sword wasn't too complicated. it's simply a bone colour and a wash over the top. I made sure to do the hands and gems after the wash, so they didn't lose any colour in the meantime.

The cloak was pleasantly simple. a soft blue colour for the ridges to go over the deep blues of the cloak itself. I then drybrushed just a little of an even more cold blue over the cloak (you can't see it, it's not meant to be very noticeable.) 

So that's my Eldrad Model. I'm really happy with this model as a whole and I felt like it was a step up from my older models. Hopefully, this is a sign of new things for the future of my HQ's being painted. This is definitely one of my best works on Pewter. 

Happy Painting!