Sunday, 28 July 2013

450 points of Barkham Blue. (Riptides)


As of right now, I've finished my 1850 Tau Army. It is all Painted, based and ready to play, save for my "Comms Relay" (a converted Recon drone model.) These are my two riptides. Each is equipped the same, a Twin-linked Fusion Blaster, an Ion Accelerator, Vectored Retro Thruster and a Stimulant Injector. This makes each riptide worth 225 points, which is a bargain for their staying power. On the table, they're there to take the punishment before I can deploy my farsight bomb. Once the Farsight bomb is deployed, they provide fire support: Their S7-9 AP2 weapon ensures that heavy infantry or tank targets can be dealt with effectively. In the event that I play the Farsight Enclaves, the crouching riptide will be carrying the mirrorcodex, the leaping riptide the Earth Caste Piloting array. 

The Miniatures

So here are my two riptides. The one on the perspective left I'll refer to as "Leaping" and the one on the right, "crouching". At the time photos were taken, the sealing and detailing PVA/water mix wasn't finished, so the models appear to have a very milky white base - this is merely an oversight on my part, it matches all my other units in the farsight bomb. 
So here's the Leaper - my second riptide, but the more interesting pose. He's meant to look as though he's leaping from the sky, aiming his Ion Accelerator at a target he'd just reduced to smoldering ashes. 

This riptide's just a little bit taller than the crouching riptide, so he's the one I'll use if there won't be much cover to protect me. If there's a chance that line of sight will be blocked by terrain, the crouching riptide's on it like flies to rotten meat. If my enemy can't see him, but I can jump/shoot/jump them, then I'm in for one irritated opponent.

 The leaping riptide's pose was based on the standard pose of the New Resin Tau Commander (Modified version Pictured).

because of the pose, the model did need to have the flying stand. Who would've thunk? You could actually use it!

The other Riptide I've affectionately named the "Croucher". I loved the fact that the model makes it possible to have riptides crouch and I knew I had to act on this. hence, this riptide is in its pose.

I thought the riptide would crouch to reduce its body size and make the most of its riptide shields. Hence, the riptide shield generator is in the air and the ion accelerator is almost sheathed, facing the ground.

To add to the effect of the riptide protecting itself, I made what my friends have 'affectionately named' the dartboard.

This is a piece of plasticard mounted on a flying stand, with greenstuff sculpted to look like ripples in a quintessential "kinetic shield" (you know the kind I mean - the one in all the movies where shields are a thing.)

The green object in the middle is a missile taken from the Tactical Marine Kit.

Of course, the model had to have a *reason* to be protecting itself, so I modeled him to have taken some damage. On his right thigh, he's taken some rending damage, from an assault cannon or similar weapon. on the left thigh, he's taken a melta shot which one could only assume would've crippled the user inside, were it not for his stimulant injector.

The kit also has a neat feature of having the legs and torso separate, meaning it was possible to not glue the body together, making packaging easier. This also mans each riptide's body is interchangeable, the result rather appealing.

Next, I'll be showing off my farsight bomb command squad. The final parts to my Farsight bomb Tactica are to come, as well.