Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Painting Adventures: Pedroguard


Hi guys, In reading and reviewing the Space Marine Codex, I've found that I'm really into some of the builds that were common last edition. With everyone swearing by Space Marine Bikes, I took a different route; I decided that I would use Sternguard instead.

What better way to get a good, solid scoring army, than with kantor and his sternguard lackeys?

Well, there have been a few humps; I hate hte Kantor model so I made one of my own, which might get tricky during tournaments, but he has "Kantor" on his base, which I hope is enough. I don't really like Thunderfire cannons as a model, so I'm looking for alternatives to the bulky kit, even if it is still metal. 

But, those are all issues I have to tackle in the future. For now, I simply need to keep painting what I've got. Weighing in at exactly 10% of my 1850 point list, here is Pedro Kantor. 


I don't want to say Kantor's my favourite Unique HQ in the Space Marine Codex, because I keep forgetting that Vulkan - my original favourite, exists, and that Tigurius, Dor- I mean, Lysander, and Kor'sarro Khan also exist. Kantor definitely adds some benefits I really enjoy, he can turn any assault marine into such a beast that the number of dice they roll would make an Ork player tap his foot with impatience. On top of that, he can take the mediocre Sternguard and make them into what tactical marines should be - tactically flexible, scoring units.

My one Gripe with Kantor is his Model; I think it's an awfully aged design with bad bodily motion dynamics. While the concept of his storm bolter has been stolen for guns of many space marines over the years, I just grow tired of the "the guns not actually in his hand it's on his arm!" thing GW has started taking to with storm bolters; I said "Fuck it - I just want Dorn's Arrow to be a regular old Storm Bolter."
So that's what I did.

Kantor's Face was an experiment with highlighting, with the helmet having extreme edge highlighting right where the light would hit him. I felt like this take on highlighting would add to the dynamic of his pose and make him look like a newer, more human model than the current kantor kit. 

Now of course, many of you are asking yourself "Why the fuck does Kantor have white/black Black Templars markings on his armour and that silly banner of his?"

The answer, my friends, is pretty simple: the army isn't just crimson fists; it comprises mixed squads of Black Templars and Crimson Fists to create an army resembling the Declates Crusade.

To keep this theme running a small portion of my army (Approximately 1/3.) will be black templar models in mixed squads with Crimson fists. To make sure it's clear that my army is imperial fists, not imperial fists with black templars allies, I will make sure the majority of my units are crimson fists, but all will have their equipment reflective of their mixed-squad status with the Black Templars.