Friday, 5 October 2012

Second Storm Raven Arriving

The Second Storm Raven, less weapons
In keeping with the "I started grey knights so I could have Stormravens" I'm onto my second storm raven. 

The model is much like the first, a grey body with red and gold details. The only major differences are blue minor details (missiles and orbs) and a bit of freehand on the one wing. 

The smudge
I had a little bit of trouble with the Windows on this flyer. I had a finger covered in glue and I managed to touch the frame. Now I have a huge smudge on the front - if you know a way to get rid of this, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Details in the wings
And here's the Details, including a free-hand powersword (done with a hand-made stencil) and "Alea Iacta Est". The fitting phrase of Julius Caesar, 'the Die is Cast' 

Like my other raven, this model is modified in many places. There are magnets in the side doors to attach hurricane bolters, magnets on the top hatch to attach different guns and remove the port, smaller magnets to remove the missile pods and a magnet to attach each gun on the nose-mount.

The Engine front also comes off. 

Details in a man
Of course, a Storm Raven wouldn't be complete unless every last thing was painted. With that in mind, the pilot and the secondary gunner are both painted, even though their faces will probably never be seen.

I like the storm raven model, begrudgingly. I wish the wings were bigger and the hurricane bolters wing mounted, but I like it. I like how flyers work and I'm looking forward to adding a few Stormtalons to my Space marines in the near future.

Suffice to say, I'm a convert if there ever was one.