Thursday, 4 October 2012

Castellan Crowe

I don't mean to crowe on, but...

This is my Castellan Crowe for my 2k Purifiers.

He's probably going to get no love, no tank and no protection, but that doesn't mean he can't be first blood in style. 

I removed his standard. Not because I'm lazy or I didn't like it, I loved it and was looking forward to painting it, but I felt it would be finneky. In this case, I've just removed it all together. The less 'failcast' to keep together, the better. 

Crowe himself. 
This is his cape.
To be honest, the cape was probably the easiest part. I could stand to have taken more time on it and refine it slightly, but I quite liked the end result.

Crowe is often going to be running on his own. But, he's okay with taking a lascannon to the face - really! I mean, any good leader knows that a cap will stop arrows, so why shouldn't it be able to stave off flashlights and laserpointers?

The sword
 The sword was a fun little bit to do. I basically painted it like a parchment, then covered it in red and blue washes to give it that slaaneshi look.

On the other hand, that sword is like the banner - brittle as all hell. It has a break (you may be able to see it) at the hilt which was really annoying for me to paint.

Otherwise, He's actually a slightly darker shade to the rest of the army. I wanted the impression that he was really a loner, so I wanted him to stand out a bit - The cape helps him do this, but less immediately, he looks like a more reserved and dark character as a result of his armours slight mis-colouration.

The front - notice the book's painting and the cape stylings
 At this stage, I was still hoping to do the eyes. I've gotta finish them!

Crowe is my first real attempt working with a resin model. Although he truly isn't the best piece of work out there, I'm happy with the end result. I think, although there's still a bit of work to do on him, he really gives an understanding of what a Purifier is meant to be (as a model, not a paintjob) and this is expressed in that cape.

Really, this model wouldn't be half what he is if he didn't have a striking red cape following him in flow. It really says 'shoot me'