Saturday, 28 April 2012

Howto: Grey knights Part 1 (Purity seals)


The other day, I played a game of 40k. My opponent said that if I were to lose, I had to show him how I painted my GK so quickly.
Suffice to say, I lost. 

Hence, I will be doing a six part tutorial on my painting process.
The tutorial episodes will be:
1. Purity seals
2. base coating, model decisions. 
3. basic details, how to pick out details
4. Painting parts, putting the model together and picking out final details.
5. Painting the blade and basing
5a. materials. 
6. weathering the model

In addition, following the fifth tutorial, I will include a list of all the used materials during this process
Without further adieu, my process for painting purity seals. (with focus on the wax.) 
Please, I'm still using old citadel, if you are making the switch, plan accordingly. 

Colours needed: 

Blood red 
Blazing orange
Golden Yellow
Dheneb stone
Gryphonne Sepia

Brushes required:

Fine detail brush
Detail brush
Wash Brush



Skills needed:

Basic brushwork

Stage 1. Picking places

Find areas that will be the paper of the purity seals (note the book on the knight's shoulder - it is done in this same method.) Paint them Dheneb stone. 
Once this has dried, wash the colour with Gryphonne sepia. 

Outcome of Stage 1.

Stage 2: Picking Places: Reds

After the sepia has dried, paint over the grey seals with blood red. This will probably require two watered down coats of paint. Since you will have to wait for the paint to dry, it is acceptable to do all purity seals red layer at the same time. (the same can be said of every stage, in fact.)

 Stage 3: Painting orange

Luckily for you, the orange is going over red. that means there shouldn't be a need for more than two layers over red.  paint the edges of the seal in orange. if there is a skull, brush over it with the paintbrush a few times to get an appealing effect. At this time, you may want to consider painting 'writing' onto the seal if you see fit.

Stage 4: Painting yellow

This is the same as the last stage. It does require more finesse, however. If you plan to paint the skull on the seal, only go over it once. more than that and it will all become yellow. 

paint very lightly around the edges as well

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding the series, or any requests.
My e-mail is or you may reach me at under the persona Scipio Africanus.