Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Commander Farsight


The Grand Master himself, Farsight. As BAMF as space marine captain, only he can actually kill things at range. Aside from granting the Farsight bomb's existence, Farsight gives it the ability to come into combat flawlessly as well as adding decent close combat capabilities. 

The Model 

Farsight is an Exquisite model from the base up. He has some brilliant aesthetic choices from the designers with only one really niggling issue, which is the way the Dawn Blade has a tau apparatus attached to it. There are also parts that look like mould vents but are actually part of the model itself.  Two prominent examples are the kind of hind toes the feet have and then that little blade catch on his right arm (right, perspectively above the handle of the blade.)

Of course, models can't have such a brilliant pose and - not have a flaw, this model's being that it didn't balance too well - not as bad as my Support suit, but enough that it needed some greenstuff in the base to weigh it down on inclines.

Farsight's also designed to have these two trailing tassles, pieces of cloth like long purity seals. I couldn't stand the idea of having them break, so I just removed them. Oh well.

Next in my little Exhibition will be my Tau Support Suit.