Friday, 2 August 2013

Commander Shadowsun


Hey Guys! This will be part of a series on my Tau Farsight Bomb's "Command Squad". All of the Tau Models are finecast models of HQ characters. In this series is Commander Shadowsun, Commander Farsight, Sub-commander Torchstar (Not like the one from the Farsight Enclaves book - this one is a kitted out support suit.) As well as a Librarian. After this is complete, I'll do an Armies on Display type feature for my entire Farsight bomb. Without Further Ado, my Commander Shadowsun:

The Model

Shadowsun is one of those irritating models where sometimes the sculpt is really good. The face for example, is a really detailed one with a lot of opportunity to highlight. On the other hand, the cetral chestplate is fairly inacessible, making edge highlighting somewhat torturous. Overall though, a really cool sculpt. 

Even though Shadowsun is the cheapest of my 4 "Command Squad" members (being four points cheaper than the support suit if it has all the signature systems I take in the bomb), she adds one huge bonus. She also makes the squad very mobile, in the even that I don't take farsight's Through Boldness, Victory.

One thing that struck me as odd is the shape of her fusion blasters - they don't look like the natural fusion blasters found on suits or even on stealth suits. This prompted me to have a look at how old Shadowsun is, but I couldn't find any material. If anyone knows how old this sculpt is, I'd like to know at least what generation she came out.

As with all my battlesuits, I freehanded her rank onto the model. Unfortunately, there was nowhere suitable for me to do something similar to her armour so she only has one on her base.

In my next piece I'll be doing an exhibition of the new farsight model. Like this one Farsight's painted in my own colour scheme.

Until then!