Thursday, 27 March 2014

Reviewing the Daemons Codex, Part 4: Troops


The Daemon's codex doesn't really have four troops plus the Swarm unit, it actually only has 2 - the Camper and the Aggressor. What's interesting, is the two rivalries, Slaanesh and Khorne, and Nurgle and Tzeentch actually resemble these roles. Being as all these troops share some rules, they will have some strengths that are always the same. Otherwise, Note that every loadout I've given is a multiple of the army's God's Number. (9 for Tzeentch, 8 for Khorne, 7 for Nurgle and 6 Slaanesh.)

The Troops 

Common Strengths
All have a 5++
All have Fear 
All have Daemonic Instability
All are affected by the warp storm table

Common Weaknesses
All have Daemonic Instability
All are affected by the warpstorm table

Tzeentch Pink Horrors 

Only Infantry unit capable of shooting from Codex: Daemons
16 horrors and a herald can put out 8D6 S6AP4 shots with re-rolls to hit. 
Awful in close combat, though prescience can make them okay
Ranged is arguably mediocre, and can be completely neutered by a single dice roll
Standard Loadout:
16 Horrors with a blasted Standard (because why not), pyrocaster with lesser reward. Taken with a Tzeentch Herald with Exalted Locus, Lesser/greater reward and ML3. 

Price: 6/10 Nothing Fantastic, probably a little high, but 8.5 points is an unreasonable price to put models at. 
Survivability: 6/10 You can't honestly give any daemon unit an awful rating because they all have a 5++. But these guys aren't the best. Being able to hide on cover makes them relatively survivable, also re-rolling saves of 1 is very decent. 
Damage Output: 8/10 Only unit with any ranged damage output that isn't a vehicle or a monster, it's nice that that damage is also relatively good. 
Rules: 7/10 The Warp Charge rule is nice, the blue horror rule is give or take. IT could be useful for ending a combat soon? 
God's Boon: 8/10 Make excellent use of the bonuses of being a Tzeentch daemon. 
Overall: 7/10 They're pretty good. I don't like them, but they're nice enough.

Khorne Bloodletters

S5AP3 attacks on the charge, S4AP3 off the charge.
Access to the Banner of Blood means they can get charges off reliably.
Can man a quad gun effectively.
Not fast enough to be worthwhile, AP3 isn't definitive enough to make them excellent.
Given the oversaturation of S6AP3 shooting weapons, their AP3 isn't as valuable because there isn't enough targets.
Standard Loadout
16 with a blood reaper with a lesser reward and banner of blood. - 195 points

Price: 4/10 AP3 doesn't make their price fair.
Survivability: 5/10 You better be bringing some dangerous things to the table if you want these things not to die. Fortunately, this is the codex for that.
Damage Output: 7/10 Decent, but not definitive. If they simply had a power weapon, they'd be able to be the same price and could have a range of effective combat tools in their arsenal. I'd pay eleven points for that.
Rules: 7/10 The weakest rules of the daemons codex, but acceptable nonetheless.
God's boon: 6/10 They're hard to get into the charge, but S5AP3 is nice. Shame being khorne doesn't offer more.
Overall: 5.8/10 They're mediocre. Decidingly.

Nurgle Plaguebearers

S/T4 with Shrouded, Defensive grenades, a 5++ and poisoned 4+ attacks.
decent in combat against most things
A pain to beat at any range, even combat
Can't move faster than a relative crawl.
Bad at charges
Standard Loadout
14 bearers with Plaguebringer, lesser reward. Throw in FNP locus for, y'know, FNP if you want.


20 Bearers with Plaguebringer, lesser reward, Virulence banner, Herald with ML3, FNP Locus and palanquin, behind an ADL with a quad gun. Never lose an objective again.

Price: 8/10 Tough as nails for 126 points? Awesome.
Survivability: 10/10 As far as troops are concerned, they're fantastic.
Damage Output: 6/10 Respectable, but not great. They are BS 3 so not awesome for holding a quad gun.
Rules: 8/10 Perfect for their intended role.
God's boon: 9/10 They make awesome use of their powers.
Overall: 8.2/10 Best cappers in daemons, probably the best cappers in the game.

Slaanesh Daemonettes 

Rending, a buttload of attacks on the charge
Fantastically speedy
Cheap, probably should be 10 points.
Shoot a gun at them and they'll die. 10 guardsmen (19 shots) kill 3 of them average.
Standard Loadout
18, maybe rapturous standard? Alluress with Lesser Reward

Price: 7/10 Just behind seeker cav in terms of output per point.
Survivability: 6/10 Just a bit harder than ork boys, their speed is their best friend.
Damage Output: 8/10 Unrivalled as a troop choice. Put them in against 2+ saves.
Rules: 8/10 They do work with their run moves.
God's boon: 9/10 The Boons maketh the daemons, as one would say.
Overall: 7.6/10 Fantastic as an offensive unit. Not the best cappers.


Lots of wounds
Still a Daemon of nurgle
Infiltrate them in a building or close to your enemy for turn two charge soaking.
They're meh. They don't score. If they could score, they'd be fantastic.
Standard Loadout
7 bases

Price: 4/10 Meh.
Survivability: 4/10 Lots of wounds, bad toughness.
Damage Output: 3/10 Move Along.
Rules: 4/10 Can't score.
God's boon: 5/10 Shrouded is their best friend
Overall: 4/10 pretty bad. 


As I said, the Daemon's troop section is split into two groups: Scorers and attackers. The winner is the nurgle plaguebearer, but the agressive winner is the slaanesh daemons. I don't think there should be much contest here.