Saturday, 12 April 2014

Characters may have models, but models with character are the best.


I've been busy moaning over the new guard codex, waiting to get it today. I decided I'd have a look at minis (as one is wont to do) and I stumbled across Nork's fantastic visage. I thought I'd share.


Nork Deddog's new model, (left) is part of the new Ogryn kit from G-dub.

He's such a characterful ogryn to start, but once you start *really* looking at ol' norkie, you start to notice he's got a few jokes in him.

1. The Cigar.

He reminds me so much of creed with that cigar. That and the unbrushed teeth on that particular paint job just make the ol' bloke seem so at home brandishing an oversized assault rifle and knife as long as his head.

2. That Knife.

As I said, It's as long as his goddamn head. How could you not love that? Also, the grag grenade that's far too large, hanging from his hip. Surely they should get S4AP6 if they throw that?!

3. The Commisar's cap and skull.

Seems like GW just putting in an extra skull, eh? Think again. For those of you unfamiliar with Nork, he's the most bodyguardiest of bodyguards available to the first army to get real bodyguards (before tau got their body guards to actually, y'know, guard bodies.) Nork takes his bodyguarding duties even more seriously.

The Fifth edition codex reads thus:

[quote=5th edition Imperial Guard Codex]
Nork is extremely protective and very loyal to his commander, so much so that he (and his body Odour) will stick to the officer like glue. Nork has the Look out - Arghh!! [b](automatic look out sirs)[/b] as detailed on page 31. In addition, a commissar (of either rank) will never shoot nork as a result of the summary execution rule. If a Commissar  Shoots Nork's commander, however, Nork immediately retailiates - Remove the Commissar from Play.

So, now you can see that the commissar's cap is not just a nicknack, but a reference to old (and hopefully, given their characterfulness, remaining) rules.

I don't know. I really Liked this model. It just sung to me unlike any other model has before as being hilarious.


Anyone else found a model with a few jokes only players of the army will get? Show and explain!