Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Reviewing the Daemons Codex, Part 6: Fast Attack


Hi Guys, I'm sorry for the late submission. I've had a bit on my plate with University and that always means I push the blog away from my mind. However, I haven't forgotten that I still need to do finish off this review! Without Further Adieu, I bring to you, my simple review of the Chaos Daemon's Fast Attack Section. 

The Beasts of Chaos:

Screamers of Tzeentch
T4 with 2 wounds
Reasonable ability in Close Combat, Even if they don't use Lamprey's Bite
Even without a 2+ save, can stand up to a reasonable amount of damage. 
Good luck if you play Scouring.
Although they're pretty much impossible to erase, they don't do very much. Expect to lose an objective to them, or to be unable to touch an objective in the scouring, but not much else. 
Look, we all Know how screamer star works, must I explain it?

Okay, so you get a 4++ from Div's Forewarning, then grimoire. Hope you have good ol' fatey for that re-roll you need to badly. Are we done? thought so. Alternatively, get Bel'akor if you're not playing too much tau. 

Price 8/10 It's correct.
Survivability 10/10 In terms of non-gimmick survivability, still about a 7. 
Damage Output 5/10 It can do it, just not a lot. Better used to tie up a key squad.
Rules 7/10 Lamprey's Bite makes them decent, if not fantastic. Slashing attack is give or take. 
God's Boon Bonus 10/10 Assuming you make use of the aforementioned Blue Chee- I mean, gimmick.
Overall 8/10 Fantastic unit, but not the top of the pops.

Flesh Hounds of Khorne
T4 with 2 wounds, 8 points per wound
Very decent close combat unit. 
They're tough enough to require S8 to remove, but far too cheap to make the S8 worthwhile. 
One of the only units in the codex that can ride without T6 or a 3++. 
Not very threatening to certain targets. A riptide charging into one neuters them completely, although at the cost of never using that riptide again.
Not the most fantastic damage dealers. 
40 T4 wounds is nothing to be laughed at, and that's what these guys bring to the table. You don't need a grimoire on them necessarily and if you throw in an exalted locus herald you can make them a very effective unit. The Scout move ensures they can hit their target turn two without fail and can always absorb the fire for something more valuable.

Price 10/10 Fantastic for their Price, Being only second to Furies in terms of price per wound, they bring so much more to the table than furies ever could. 
Survivability 8/10 Simply Fantastic. The Ideal throw-away is hard to erase and pisses off your opponent as a nuisance. That is what Khorne Dogs do. 
Damage Output 7/10 Not Fantastic, but they deal it. 
Rules 8/10 Good With Hatred, but Furious Charge isn't pivotal except against the odd AV11 OTR tank. What makes them fantastic is scout, presenting them as a more immediate threat than your real problem - the Crushers or Seekers. 
God's Boon Bonus 7/10 They Bear that one thing they get with pride, but they don't make it fantastic. Also, they'll almost never use it as you usually charge multiple things with them. 
Overall 8/10 They're Fantastic. 

Plague Drones of Nurgle
T5 with 3 wounds
Extremely fast for a unit with slow and purposeful. 
Hits reasonably hard in close combat. 
Reasonably Survivable. 
Deathly afraid of S10, more than even blood crushers of khorne. 
They don't hit hard enough to justify their price. 
They have god awful models
These guys are best used as a way to get a great unclean one and a tonne of plaguebearers into the fray quickly with their Icon. 

Price 4/10 It's a bit over the reasonable limit.
Survivability 9/10 They're tough, but they aren't cheap enough to make it a good price.
Damage Output 7/10 Faltering, but they do okay. 
Rules 7/10 They make very good use of Cavalry/jetpack.
God's Boon Bonus 8/10 Shrouded is their friend, if they can cling to cover, they almost don't need the grimoire.
Overall 7/10 They're the worst option in this section of the codex, But any other Codex would love them intensely.

Seekers of Slaanesh
Fantastic amount of , Low to medium Quality attacks that can drown almost any squad under their weight. 
Really Cheap
Very fast. 
Make Excellent use of Rending and 9" runs.
T3 with one wound ensures they need to be your grimoire. 
one squad is cheap, but it will take casualties. 
They don't like hard-hitting opponents, but you need to throw them at them. If your opponent's packing a half-decent close combat unit, prepare to take casualties. 
These guys work fanastically in conjunction with 2 squads of fleshounds of khorne.

Price 10/10 Fantastic given their strengths.
Survivability 4/10 You have to rely on oversaturation fo targets for them to work. 
Damage Output 10/10 One of the best, but no way of dealing with AV13+. 
Rules 9/10 They make fantastic use of their Cavalry rule.
God's Boon Bonus 10/10 Again, they make fantastic use of the D6+6" runs, meaning they can keep pace with khorne flesh hounds very easily. 
Overall 8.6/10 

Hellflayer of Slaanesh
Uh... 7 S6 rending attacks is okay I guess. Can get S3AP2 attacks on the Alluress I guess. 
2 HP, AV11.
Doesn't have the wounds to make use of Soulscent.
Just... don't.

Price 4/10 25 would be too much. 
Survivability 1/10 First Blood is easy with this tank. 
Damage Output 4/10 Mediocre given its price and competition.
Rules 5/10 soulscent has potential, but it still isn't worth it.
God's Boon Bonus 3/10 Rending is nice I guess?
Overall 3.6/10 Still a better take than the masque. 

Chaos Furies
Cheap T35++ wounds
can be a good firesoak but is an easy kill point in scouring.
It doesn't do anything. One Daemonic instability test and they're losing 5. 
They have potential, it just doesn't shine when things like flesh hounds and seekers exist.

Price 8/10 They're well priced, they just don't do enough. On a side note, a 20 Chaos Furies is 120 points and is better than 5 assault marines.
Survivability 2/10 Piss Poor. 
Damage Output 4/10 Poor, but you aren't taking them for that, are you? But I mean, what are you taking them for? Better than Assault Marines I guess. 
Rules 4/10 They make excellent use of the 5++. 
God's Boon Bonus 0/10 I wouldn't bother marking them. 
Overall 3.8 Still a better take than the Masque, on par or better than assault marines.