Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cadre Battlestandard Bearer


This model was made as part of a larger project, for a unit that provides bonuses similar to that of the Ethereal without actually being an Ethereal. This idea is meant to be used for Tau who don't follow ethereals (I.e; Farsight Enclaves and their offshoots.) 

The Design

The Cadre BSB was made from spare parts from 3 different kits. The bomb in his hand is an exposed charge for the Ion Rifle from the pathfinder kit, as well as both arms and the torso being from that kit. I didn't want to use Pathfinder legs too, since they don't have enough armour to justify a 4+ save, so I improvised. The bonding knife is from the Fireblade.

I considered giving him an honour blade in place of the knife, but I felt it would be too divergent from Tau and their way of war. I also opted out of giving him a pulse pistol. It was too hard to find a suitable place to model it on.

So the BSB is a Shas'vre. As such, he may call upon drones to better his cause. Pictured with him is a converted rail drone (what a sniper drone used to be.) and a Shield drone. In game, he'll only have gun drones in my mind.

The banner is simply a transfer from the hammerhead kit. Unfortunately, they didn't have any red transfers and I was too chicken to colour in the transfer's whit parts once I'd painted it on.

 I paid a little more attention to this modela s I painted him, as you can see on the face's details. The banner was done using a modified Greatswords piece, the only thing really changing was that I had to remove an arm and a laurel.

The hunter Cadre as it stands now. The ethereal makes for a brilliant focus point, in my opinion.