Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tau ionhead reporting in


Progress has slowed down a bit. Namely, I have nothing left to paint. Oh well. I've finished my riptide at this stage, and I'm starting a box of kroot. I don't really like kroot, they seem complicated. Never a good thing for an infantry boxed squad that costs a grand total of 96~112 points. (have you thought about that, by the way? Kroot have terrible price-per-point.) Anyway, this is an ionhead with SMS. Possibly one of the best anti-troop weapons out there (save for the almighty heldrake), ionheads can put the hurt on light vehicles and heavy infantry. I just wish they could nova charge, too.

The model

I actually originally painted my hammerhead to be a grey colour scheme. I dumped it when I moved to my current green. However, I never stripped my hammerhead. In the end, I kept it grey and simply painted in the red for the grooves. The result is rather appealing, if I do say so myself.

Of course, the grey is actually camoflauge. I did that using masking tape. 
The hammerhead's main gun is an ion cannon. because this was originally a rail gun, the ion cannon wasn't painted grey. I decided it'd be the unique part and be green, tying it into the rest of my army.

Oh, the gun is also on the turret backwards. Don't hate it 'cause it's beautiful. 

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